Sport Specific Parties

How it Works: 

In this new option you choose one sport to be the theme of the party!

We will then organise and run FUN games and activities in your chosen sport which will be suitable to the age group and skill level involved!

  • The activities in our sport specific parties will last for 90 mins
  • Sports currently available to choose from are: Soccer, Basketball and Tag Rugby
  • All activities and games will be based on your chosen sport



Prices start from €110 and will depend on:

  • Venue of Party (distance to travel)
  • Number of participants
  • Any added extras i.e prizes, medals etc. (please note we require a minimum 4 weeks notice if you require medals)

Call Martin on 087-7933144 today for a quote!!

*Please note that we only provide the entertainment (in the form of sports activities), venues, food, invites etc must be organised separately by those who make the booking. Birthday Party Entertainment is offered subject to your chosen date being available. Parties at home are subject to the area being safe and suitable for activities. Outdoor parties may be affected by weather and are booked at your own risk. Parties between 1st November & 1st February must be at an indoor venue. Tag Rugby parties can only be outdoors. Parties are suitable for children 4-12 years old, but please note 4 year olds must be attending primary school.Basic parties usually operate with 10-20 participants, any more than this will incur extra fees and may also require an extra coach to be present. If more than the pre-agreed number of children attend on the day there will be an extra charge of €5 per child.